About Me

Hi.  My name is Dan Stoneley, I’m based in Liverpool in the UK, and I’ve been a proffesional game developer for about the past 8 years.  My programming language of choice is C++, although I’m also familiar with C# and various scripting languages, and I’ve experience in developing for many different platforms including PS3, XBOX 360, PSP, PC etc.

I graduated from university with a masters degree in astrophysics during which I focused my project work on physical computational simulation, culminating in the creation of an in-dpeth stellar interior simulator for my final thesis.  After this I took time to retrain my skills to be applicable for the games industry and have since worked for Acclaim Studios, SCEE, Evolution Studios (under the employment of Sony), Bizarre Creations, and I’m now working for Lucid Games, a new start-up studio set up by a group of ex-work collegues.  Games wise I’ve worked with various Formula One titles, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Blur, plenty of unreleased projects, I was involved in early prototype development work for the PSP Vita which was used to decide upon the final hardware specs and form factor, and now I’m working on some exciting new stuff for Lucid.

In my proffesional work I tend to specialise in physics programming where I have experience in implementing my own physics engines and solutions as well as using 3rd party middlware such as Havok and Bullet, and maintaining and upgrading pre-existing studio physics technology.  In particular I’m often called upon to develop or work with vehicle dynamics systems and implement physics damage technology.  In addition to this I also have proffesional experience of developing character control and animation blending solutions and experience in various other fields to a lesser degree.  I branch out when I can.

In a non professional capacity however I also do much development and explore new areas when time permits.  I’ve dabbled with OpenGL, DirectX and shader programming, AI, procedural generation, audio, etc etc.  For a time between jobs I even set down the path of going completely independant during which time I developed my own fully functional 2d cross platform game engine.  Now I’m working fulltime again however I’ve started getting familiar with Unity 3D for making little projects and exploring ideas since I find it to be both fun and productive which is important when you can only spare a few hours here and there on these projects.

So that’s why I’ve set up this website, to track and share progress on my various side projects and experiments as well general musings and observations on the world of game development and the games industry.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the blog.